Profound Thoughts.

Containers: they're great!

There's so much talk in the industry about containers, whether or not they represent "the future", and to be honest I just don't get it. It seems like a fairly obvious problem with an obvious solution. You need something to put something else in, to contain it, if you will. So why not a container?

If you don't have a container or some sort, you just have a mess. A bunch of pencils strewn on the floor, or the crumbs that are on my desk right now. If I sweep those into my hand to clean them up (I won't), what would I then do with them? Throw them somewhere else? No, I need something to contain them, like a trash can.

A perfect example of this is the last time I moved. I had an awful lot of stuff -- we had lived in our last place for about 5 years. We had a moving truck, a container in and of itself, but how was I to fill it? Boxes, that's right! Yet another container. Nested containers with the movers helping orchestrate the whole.

I think the case is clear. Containers are great and we should use them for everything.